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We have a book at the Co-op for visitors to record their most recent reads, but I sometimes have a hard time dredging up memories of the last thing I’ve fully finished from beginning to end. Working in a bookstore (and with a well-stocked library and used book emporium just down the street), I take home such a glut of interesting-looking books that I have the happy option to pick and choose, start reading one thing, put it down if it’s just not the right read for the moment, and take up something new. The only sad consequence of this constant literary smorgasboard is winding up with a lot of half-finished books untidily piled around my apartment, rather than a nice, well-organized stack of properly completed and reviewed works.

Right now I’m reading The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall, and with about a third of it down, I might actually finish two books in a row this month!



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