Three Days Before The Shooting…

It’s been 52 years since Ralph Ellison published Invisible Man. The year after, 1953, he began work on his second novel, and won the National Book Award for the first. Professional commitments, doubt, and a 1967 house fire got in the way of his work. There was a definite anxiety and concern that this second novel could never live up to the first. In 1994, Ellison died and the novel remained incomplete– thousands of pages, notes, and 80 computer disks. The late 1990s saw a renewed interest and republication of Ellison’s work, culminating in 1999’s Juneteenth, a mere fragment of his second novel. Tomorrow, on the eve of African-American History Month, the entirety of this colossal work will be published. Weighing in at over 1100 pages,  the significance of Three Days Before The Shooting… cannot be overstated. One of the greatest 20th Century minds and a staggeringly powerful author,  Ellison deserves this. We readers are the luckier for having the opportunity.



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