Martín Espada Reads at the UConn Co-op

I know that as a bookseller, I should  like to read poetry, but the truth is, I really don’t care to read it. Maybe there’s still some remnant of an ancient oral culture lingering in me, my Irish or Teuton ancestors perhaps, but I so much prefer to listen to poetry.  I want you, especially if you are the poet, to read the poem out loud to me. Of course, not all poets read well. No, some read with such a sing song cadance that I want to cover my ears. But a poet who reads well is a joy, a treasure. And a poet who performs, in the way of the earliest poets, raising and lowering the voice, gesturing, enveloping the listener with the poem, is a rare genius.  Martín Espada is one of the best poets writing and performing today. I know of no other like him. Here is a taste of Martín reading at the Co-op on Wednesday. Let his words wash over you. Posted by Suzy


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