Super Sad True Love Story

I recently finished Gary Shteyngart’s new book, Super Sad True Love Story. I have been a fan of his work ever since I read Absurdistan, and later the Russian Debutante’s Handbook. This is by far Shteyngart’s  most accomplished, most daring, and most fully realized novel. It was a joy to read, and it has stuck with me since I finished reading the galley version a couple of weeks ago. I was a little intimidated to write about it actually–mainly because the famous Michiko Kakutani (of the New York Times), gave it this beautifully written (and uncharacteristically) GLOWING review:

I couldn’t in a million years have said it better myself. However, I will say that  while the issues of Super Sad True Love Story are serious:  aging, death, love, sense of self,  and the apocalyptic collapse of the United States–Shteyngart’s prose is effortless, and deftly written with a dark humor that makes it all believable, immensely enjoyable, and even… a little Russian sounding. I love everything about it.

— Bonnie



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3 responses to “Super Sad True Love Story

  1. Josh

    I loved this review. Bonnie’s enthusiasm for Shytengart’s writing has motivated me to pick up the new book and give it a shot.

    Plus,the picture is awesome.

  2. Josh

    I spelled his name wrong. I clearly meant Shteyngart.

  3. Patrick Sullivan


    Great review!

    I’ve just started the novel (I’m on about page 50), and I’m really enjoying it so far. I also loved “Absurdistan.”

    Keep the great reviews coming!

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