It’s Monday morning, and you’re looking for something fun.

Here’s a smattering of literary lists, links and happenings to make your Monday pass a bit faster.

First, Happy Presidents’ Day. Today, The Book Beast takes a look at “The Best-Read Presidents.”

Bookblog’s Gender Genie parses your text to see whether you write like a man or a woman.

Flavorwire, never a stranger to controversy, takes a look at literature’s 10 greatest perverted geniuses. Pretty questionable list. Feel free to nominate others in the comments.

If you feel daring and cosmopolitan, go ahead and play The Great Gatsby: The Video Game. Yep, you read that correctly.

Are you on Facebook? Yeah, you are. Stupid question. Anyways, so is Jacket Copy– the LA Times’ fantastic center for all things book. Check it out and “like them.” You’ll thank me.

The latest edition of the New Yorker’s always reliable Fiction Podcast is a real treat: Irish novelist Anne Enright reads the incomparable John Cheever’s “The Swimmer.”

Have you heard of The Tournament of Books? It’s a blast. If you’re interested in following along, stop in and pick up some titles.

Were you part of the summer’s Franzen frenzy? It seemed unavoidable. Gabriel Brownstein turns a shrewd sensibility and sharp eye towards what happened, who was involved and what the words “good” and “great” mean in front of the word “novel.” Especially worth a read if you prefer books with emotional resonance, books not written by white males, and are of the opinion that the biggest and most publicized book doesn’t always make for the best reading.

FSG’s blog, Work in Progress, continues to grow into something wonderful and thought-provoking. The latest pearl is an essay from Geoff Dyer on something you might have experienced–Reader’s Block.

A really important new development, which seems to have been overshadowed, is the National Book Foundation’s new poetry blog!! Get reading!

In another example of truth beating fiction, Kathryn Stockett, author of mega-seller The Help, is being sued by her brother’s maid for “unauthorized appropriation of name and image.”

Somebody’s in trouble for being a lot more than loud in the library.

Finally….The Huffington Post takes a look at “Favorite Rereads.” What are some of yours?

For me, Harry Potter’s a given but so is the work of Saul Bellow and Philip Roth and…that book about the guy who eats the cookie and remembers stuff.



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One response to “It’s Monday morning, and you’re looking for something fun.

  1. Bonnie

    I can always reread (DAME) Agatha Christie.

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