Are you experiencing “small dull smears of meditative panic?” If so, read this book.

Do you want to read a really good book? Yeah, of course you do. Are you short on time? Probably. I’ve got the perfect book for you. Don DeLillo’s Point Omega. Don’t let its size mislead you. In those 117 pages, DeLillo doesn’t have a single extra word. Lapidary seems like too much of an understatement. This is one of those rare books that is so good but you wouldn’t want it to be any longer. It’s powerful, overwhelming and fascinating in its construction. What’s it about? Good question. It’s about movies, politics, the funny tricks time plays on you, the meaning of art, the complications of relationships, the Iraqi War, city life, desperation, unhappiness,uncertainty, and above all, the power of the mind. It’s a must-read. Though you could easily finish it in an afternoon, like all unsettling things, it will linger in your mind for a long while. Take the risk. It’s well worth it.



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