Places to go, Books to read

Lots of great happenings in the literary world! Click on one of these for equal parts new knowledge and distraction. Also, a good dose of fun.

The Huffington Post offers a double whammy: Literary Late Bloomers and the follow up to Frequent Rereads.

If you aren’t keeping an eye out for it, take a look at the Morning News’ Tournament of Books. Smart people, great books, a contest unlike any other.

Have you heard of Pym? Using Poe’s one novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, as a launchpad, Mat Johnson crafts a fascinating, funny and complicated consideration of race.

In light of Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir, which I recommended a couple posts back, the Book Beast takes a look at five indispensable food memoirs.

The Millions takes a look at three underappreciated, wonderfully experimental and exciting European Novels.

East Egg is on it’s way out. Daisy Buchanan’s house is set for demolition.

Jane Eyre is coming back in a big way. This new movie adaptation is stirring up lots of buzz. Start with the book, and make sure you get your tickets for the marshy, multiplex marvel.

All for now!



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