The Miracle That Is Duct tape

Have a question?  Most likely duct tape is the answer.

Need something to hold that chair together? Patch a hole in your wall? Or keep you car from falling apart? Duct tape is your answer.  This book shows all of the ingenious ways that people have fixed things with everyday household products just like duct tape.

No longer is duct tape just for fixing things. It can also be a fashion statement. The Duck Brand of duct tape holds an annual scholarship contest. Contestants create prom attire out of nothing but duct tape to win a $5000.00 scholarship  Check out his website to get a look at this years creative ideas.

You can also make tons of useful items with nothing but duct tape.  Like this wallet, or a shower curtain, or even a beer can holder.  There is something for everything in this book.

Duct tape is no longer just available in that plain drab silver we are so used to seeing.  It comes in a variety of colors to match your mood and fashion sense.  We here at the store have a large selection of different colors to help make your projects brighter.So the next time you are looking for that perfect dress to wear to that party, come on into the store and pick up some duct tape and make one.



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