Shhhhhh…Someone may be listening

Here in general books at the UConn Co-op, there is no section more despised or coveted than our Human Sexuality section.   Just look at the name of the section itself:  “Human” and “sexuality” both in one place?…humans having sex….oh good god let’s run for the hills! People don’t really do that!  Or at least we can’t talk about it – or worse yet sell books to help people do it better.  Never has there been a more controversial section in our department.  We are told to hide it, not to display it, and heaven forbid we recommend something from it!

Well I say the hell with all that.  Sex is fun: in fact I think human sex is the only good kind – but if you disagree, well, more power to you.  We in General books are proud to offer a selection of books for everyone (or at least everyone over 18) in our Human Sexuality section.  Included are fun books like the one above, and this one for the crafter in you:Who would have thought that household items like candles and greeting cards could have so many interesting uses?

But on a more serious note we also care a large supply of educational titles.  The most famous of those being: So please let’s stop being ashamed of our bodies, our desires and our fantasies.  Let’s just be us, and celebrate our freedoms.

Disclaimer:  We are by no means encouraging wanton behavior in our customers.  Reminder:  having sexual intercourse without protection can lead to pregnancy and the transmittance of sexual diseases.  So please take the proper precautions so that no one is injured in your play.  But we strongly believe that as long as both parties are consenting adults,  it is no one’s business but your own.  So have fun.



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