Nikki’s Holiday Choices


I am an avid reader of both Fantasy and Young Adult books, as well as on occasional reader of Romance title.  So as you can see my holiday picks revolve around those genres.

Let’s start with the young adult titles.  My top 3 books, and it was very hard to pick just 3, are Savvy by Ingrid Law, The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer, and Extreme Planet by Lonely Planet.    Savvy was a Nutmeg award winner in 2012.  At only $7.99 this is a great deal.  It is a great book about a 13 year old girl who is in search of her talent, or that special something that will make her unique, also known as her savvy.  It is a fantastic coming of age story.  The Land of Stories is a hot new book by Chris Colfer otherwise known as Kurt Hummel from the hit T.V. show Glee.  It is a story of twin siblings who fall into a book of fairy tales and then must go on a scavenger hunt through the fairy tale world in order to return home to our world. Extreme Planet by Lonely planet is a non-fiction book about a bunch of the unique and extreme places on Earth.  This is a great book full of interesting facts.

Instead of picking several romance books, I instead chose an author. I have never been disjointed in anything that I have read by Janet Dailey.  She writes in all formats, Hardcover and paperback.  A lot of her books contain more than one novella for the same price, and range between $5.99-$7.99.  The next one on my own list to read is A Cowboy under My Christmas Tree for $7.99.  Her novels and novellas are light, warmhearted and fun.  Some are a little racy, but for the most part her writing is just good old fashioned romance with a twist.

A lot of my favorite Fantasy authors have new books out this season including Terry Pratchett, Kim Harrison, Mercedes Lackey and Kelley Armstrong.  The first of my holiday fantasy picks is a classic.  The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley is a must read for everyone on your shopping list.  It is a classic tale of wonder, magic and the knights of the round table.  The most popular format is a trade paperback for $18.00.  Next comes Mercedes Lackey’s new title Home from the Sea.  In this book a half seal/half human(selch) young lady discovers love, magic and the courage to stand up for herself.  In the Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, a new home is just a step away.  Imagine that there is an endless stream of uninhabited, undeveloped Earths just a single step away.  Now imagine the whole planet finding out about them and how to get there.  This is just the tip of the iceberg with what you will find in this hot new novel.  Thirteen by Kelly Armstrong is the stunning conclusion to her much loved Women of the Otherworld Series.  Into the Woods by Kim Harrison is the much anticipated anthology of stories from the world of the Hallows.  Imagine a world where tomatoes spread a virus that decimates the human population, and brings the others (vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, etc) out of hiding.  This is a fantastic series.

The final two books of my pick’s list are both craft books.  Recently I have taken up crocheting and my favorite book isCrochet 101 by Burger.  This is a great visual book that teaches you how to do all kinds of different stitches.  It is easy to follow and easy to learn from.  The other great craft book that is on my shopping list this holiday season is Easy Origami by Arugueta.  This is not only a book but is a kit that comes with the paper you need to make lots of projects.  There is something for everyone from the beginner to the more advances paper folding fan.

There are a ton more books that I can recommend for both you and your loved ones this holiday season.  But no more room for me to list them here.  For the rest feel free to come on in the store and I would be happy to help.  Don’t forget now through December 15th all regularly priced general books are buy one get one 50% off with in store coupon.

Can’t wait to see you and I wish you all a very happy holiday season.

-Nikki B.-


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