Sharon’s Books for Kids


I am the Children’s book buyer here at the UConn Co-op, as well as a mother and the grandmother of two beautiful twin granddaughters.  So if there is one thing I know it is children’s books.

For this fun holiday season these are the special books that I have to recommend for your little ones:

Where The Wild  Things Are by Maurice Sendak (9780060254929 $17.95)A classic for all ages”.   Who doesn’t love Max?

 Lego Ninjago Brickmaster (9780756682767 $29.95 ) Legos in a Ninjago package! Can’t beat that combo for the holidays!

 Elf on the Shelf  by Aebersol (9780984365173 $29.95) A very sweet book to add to your family traditions complete with a choice of boy or girl Elf. It should be passed on for many generations!

 Earth Friendly Wooden Puzzles ($9.99)Different themes ( princess, trucks)  for little hands to manipulate and piece into the right place.

 Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers ($10.99-14.99) Vampires meet humans meet werewolves!  Throw in some romance and you will never forget this series.

 Birthmarked Caragh O’Brien (9780312674724  $9.99) The start of a dystopian trilogy, by a local author.  It is splendidly written, and I couldn’t wait for the next one! Read all three: Birthmarked, Prized, Promised. We have autographed copies.

 The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfe (9780316201575  $17.99) A book about a brother and sister who “fall” into their grandmother’s fairy tale book.  There starts the journey to find different fairy tale props (Cinderella’s slipper) to help them escape home. Very cute

 ON The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman  (9780312601553 $7.99)A beautiful  story of what the animals and nature did on the “night you were born”. A great add- on to a baby shower gift.



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