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What strange creature is that?

A Beastly Menagerie: Sir Pilkington-Smythe’s Marvelous Collection of Strange and Unusual Creatures

(9781599219868 $19.95 Hardcover) (9780762788033 $12.95 Paperback)

“A Whimsical compendium of the most incredible animals the world has ever seen – with 200 full-color illustrations” (Back cover).

As I strolled through the bookshelves of our fine establishment that is the UConn Co-op, I happened upon a delightful book in the natural history beastlysection, Sir Pilkngton-Smythe’s “A Beastly Menagery”.  “A Beastly Menagery is a collection of the world’s strangest and most unusual creatures.  Each chapter covers a certain animal family from Invertebrates to Mammals to Birds.  You will be amazed, delighted, and intrigued as you make discoveries such as the water bear (which isn’t a bear at all despite its name) or the Pangolin, an armored creature found in Africa and Asia.  Sir Pilkington-Smythe’s menagerie is full of historical facts and folklore surrounding these strange animals and includes colored illustrations with captions that give a voice to these curious creatures which are sure to amuse.

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