The End of Vacation

As the dog days of August arrive, it seems as if everyone’s summer vacations are starting to wind down. I, myself, am fresh-back from a week in Maine spent relaxing, reading and visiting bookstores. One of this year’s finds was a little gift shop Imagein Brooklin, ME called Betsy’s Sunflower that has, among great gift items, a small but interesting selection of Maine-specific books and local authors while also hosting occasional author events.  Of course, I left there with a couple of signed editions of works by Brooklin author Peter Behrens. It’s places like this and the UConn Co-op that reaffirm my faith that bookstores are still a vital part of a community providing a place where “readers and authors meet.”

Also, in the Maine woods, I always take time (for a few moments, at least, before being devoured by mosquitoes) to look up and see the millions of stars in the night sky including the milky way. You’ll be hard-pressed to see many stars here, but if you stop into the well-lit UConn Co-op you can easily find a copy of the intriguing, new Co-op Pick,Image The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light, by Paul Bogard–a book that laments “how upside down this world where what was once a most common human experience has become most rare. Where a child might grow into adulthood without ever having seen the Milky Way and never feel as though lifted from earth into surrounding stars. Where most of us go into the dark armed not only with ‘a light’ but with so much light that we never know that the dark, too, blooms and sings.”

Also, while most of our trade book inventory is still in storage awaiting completion of our new Storrs Center store, we still have a great selection of Indie Bestsellers (which are always 20% off), Co-op Picks (15% off), local-interest books, children’s books, and many others. You’ll be surprised at the variety we’ve crammed into such a small space. We’ve also just put out a large quantity of bargain books, in which, there are many terrific and unique finds to be had for a pittance.  And, as always, we’d be happy to order most any book that you want and have it for you in a couple days.

So, stop in today. We’re still here and would be glad to help you with books, or anything else for that matter–in addition to books, right now we have a very good selection (though going fast) of UConn Husky insignia wear and other UConn trinkets at clearance prices.

–Bob Smith


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July 30, 2013 · 2:45 am

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