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Tricks for Artists


                Ever get stuck in a project?  Feel like your creativity’s being blocked or don’t know what you should do next?  Nick Bantock has a trick or two just for you in The Trickster’s Hat, a book of tricks and exercises from writing to sketching to art games with dice to get you out of your creative slump.  Some of these exercises work with words, like making up your own limerick, while others have you throw a die and paint a picture with your nose!  And every page features Bantock reminds his readers “Having a wise-joker as our journey’s companion – someone whose very nature embodies misdirection – is an enormous asset, and we need all the help we can get” (4).   This book will definitely inspire and help bring back the playfulness that creativity stems from and help you find new ideas and get out of creative blocks.

As an example I have done exercise 12: Limerick

The UConn Co-op Bookstore at Storrs Center

When he was looking for something to read

He thought, Oh, where is the book that I need?

At Storrs Center there’re lots of books

On shelves and in corners and nooks

What a fabulous bookstore indeed!


Title: The Trickster’s Hat: A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity

Author: Nick Bantock

ISBN: 9780399165023

Price: $20.00

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